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Giving kids a hand up on six continents

May 8, 2019

“Giving back isn’t just something we do here at Jeunesse, it’s the central reason we exist in the first place. We are driven by the desire to not only help the Jeunesse Family realizse their dreams,but to also make a difference in the lives of children through Jeunesse Kids.”
- Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis

Since its start, Jeunesse Kids has had one mission: to make a positive impact on children in all the areas Jeunesse does business. Together as One Team, One Family, One Jeunesse, we work to give kids hope for brighter tomorrows.

To date, we’ve succeeded in giving thousands of children opportunities to unleash their unlimited potential, and we’ve transformed entire communities through two main programs: village sponsorship and local initiatives.

These charitable projects are designed to have a sustainable effect, with positive outcomes that impact this generation and generations to come.

But what Jeunesse Kids couldn’t do was do all of this alone. Our generous Jeunesse Family has supported initiatives on six continents, donating money and time to brighten kids’ futures.

We are continually amazed by the servants’ hearts of our Jeunesse Family and the amazing work being done in the world as a result of our One Heart. One Hope. One Mission.


Five pillars. Five years. One goal.
Jeunesse Kids partners with WE Charity and its WE Villages program to adopt villages in underdeveloped countries, where together we implement WE Charity’s proven international development model.

This model addresses five pillars of impact:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Clean water & sanitation
  4. Agriculture & food security
  5. Income & livelihood opportunities

Supporting these five areas, Jeunesse Kids has:

  • Built water treatment facilities and hand washing stations
  • Built classrooms, and provided classroom teachers and supplies as well as academic, hygiene and health education
  • Developed agricultural and animal husbandry programs to provide both food security and income
  • Implemented mobile health clinics and livelihood training programs that empower women and children to generate and manage an income stream

These efforts have helped Jeunesse Kids empower communities to break free from poverty and lift themselves into self-sustainability in just five years, giving their children hope for a brighter future.

“There’s no better joy than seeing kids excited because they’ve got something. They’ve got a meal. They’ve got water. They’ve got a place to go to school. That brings me a tremendous amount of joy because I know what it’s like to be a child without anything.”
- Chief Executive Officer Randy Ray

See what it’s like to visit one of the adopted villages.


Jeunesse Kids support Friends with Dignity in the Australia, New Zealand and Fiji regions. Awarded with Charity of the Year in 2018, Friends with Dignity plays an important role through the Little Friends Scholarships powered by Jeunessse Kids, which offer academic and extra-curricular assistance to children affected by domestic and family violence.

At our Regional Convention in February, 2019, General Manager Rachel McVinish announced that our Jeunesse family had raised over $25,000 during the convention to donate to the Little Friends Scholarship Program. Rachel also shared the heart wrenching story of one young recipient recommended for a scholarship by his school principal. The 12 year-old boy had an intellectual disability combined with vision impairment, and suffered from PTSD after witnessing extremely family violence, then enduring multiple care homes until he finally found a stable foster family.

Thanks to the scholarship, this young boy now has help with school supplies and iPad apps suitable for his vision and intellect, and access to school excursions and other activities. You can see why we’re very proud to be associated with such an important cause in our local community.

“I love helping children and people around the world through our nonprofit Jeunesse Kids. It’s very rewarding when you see someone’s life change. And I hope each and every one of you have the chance to experience what it’s like to make a difference through Jeunesse Kids.”
- Chief Operations Officer Wendy Lewis


You can be part of the Jeunesse Kids movement to give children brighter tomorrows with three easy ways to give:

  1. Through Joffice™
    • Create a monthly donation
    • Make a one-time contribution
    • Purchase a Rafiki bracelet or Jeunesse Kids pin – 100% of proceeds go to Jeunesse Kids
  2. Online at give.jeunessekids.org
  3. At events at the Jeunesse Kids booth

Visit the Jeunesse Kids website to learn more about the incredible work we’re doing for children and the communities they live in.