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Introducing Share Jeunesse and Play Jeunesse

May 6, 2019
Jeunesse always looks after its customers and distributors, and the exciting news is that there are not one but two great new ways you can keep up with what new offerings we have for you!

Share Jeunesse has been specially created for distributors so they can get access to the marketing assets that we create, all at the touch of your fingertips. All you have to do is go to ShareJeunesse.com, log in with your JOffice password and voila! You’ll be able to find everything – and we mean everything – you need, from our social media posts to videos, including all the talks from our major events which you might’ve missed out on, and more. As a Jeunesse distributor, you can download and save the information to use in your own business. How good is that?

Check out all that Share Jeunesse has to offer, but just be aware that it’s still being updated with all the Global Market materials so some of the information might not be relevant or compliant for Australia, New Zealand or Fiji. Otherwise, start downloading and sharing photos, videos, brochures, PDFs and other award-winning Jeunesse marketing content.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got Play Jeunesse for you! How often have you wished you could just show a customer/lead all of the marketing about a product when they ask you about it? Well, you don’t have to wish anymore. Play Jeunesse is a new app that enables you to point and shoot (take a photo) of a product, then instantly all of the video marketing for the product comes up on your screen so you can show your customers/leads!

It certainly makes life a lot easier than trying to remember everything you want to say about all of our amazing products. Instead, just roll a High Definition video and let it do the talking for you. This app works together with the “We Live Jeunesse Magazine” where you can scan any camera icon on the magazine or hover over a product, then… Point. Shoot. Play. You can see the videos we’ve prepared for you! Now you can present the entire Y.E.S. System, along with the business opportunity and Jeunesse lifestyle to your prospects and friends.

Download the Play Jeunesse app today! Available for iOS 🍎 and Android 🤖 #PlayJeunesse #WeLiveJeunesse.

Log into sharejeunesse.com to see what it has to offer.